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Using spam in ways spammers never intended.

Spammy humor for all!

Using spam in ways spammers never intended
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spamsnark is a community to post and mock the most inane, insane, and sick spam you or someone else you know gets. Everything from rabid calls to political action and scams that are so obvious a snail would know they're scams to mawkish forwards and ridiculous product claims (and everything else you might want to mock from your inbox or LJ of a spammy nature) is welcome here.

There are few rules, but you would do very well to read what there is:

No posting of ANY child porn, shotacon, or lolicon spam. These materials are illegal, and hosting them even for the purpose of snark is illegal and against LJ TOS. If you get unwanted kiddie porn spam, report the spammer to the FBI.

No flaming or spamming. This community is for mocking and making fun of spam in its various forms, not for hosting spam you have made.

"Spam" is defined as a mass-mailed or mass-posted advertisement, forward, or flame. Whether it's e-mailed or posted to 10 people or to you 10 times, it doesn't matter, but what matters is that was not just a single e-mail.

Please make some comment in each post of spam to be snarked. You don't have to snark the whole thing, one sentence alone is even OK, but just make some comment.

LJ-cut if the spam or your snark of it is not worksafe.

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