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Using spam in ways spammers never intended

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syntonic_comma @ 11:55 am: marisol, the tease
from: marisol monica27@pangbourne-on-thames.com
to: b.chilton@gmail.com,
       x.xxxxxxx@gmail.com (Yes, this is you.)
date: Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 15:08
subject: my pics for you

hi honey :)

I made some pictures for you, few of them are nude :)
I changed my email because my husband found last one.
don`t use my old email, email me at drenalerusticr@hotmail.com
Im online right now so I can send you my photos in 5 mins :)

Total stranger, no previous contact. Probably just trolling for replies to confirm addresses to sell later.

What's with people who can't hide an email address from a spouse?

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