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Using spam in ways spammers never intended

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syntonic_comma @ 08:35 pm: Search Engine Optimization
Today's choice spam:
From seo@neokode.com Sun Jul 24 20:14:10 2011 [1]
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 15:16:03 -0400
From: Seo Service <seo@neokode.com>
To: [myaccount]@comcast.net
Subject: SEO Google Listing

Dear website owner,

Hope you are well. I was surfing through your website “www.comcast.net”[2] and saw your website is not on top rankings for most of your keywords pertaining to your domain so I was wondering if you would be interested in getting Search engine optimization done for your website.[3]    Ethical SEO leads to Better Traffic leading to higher Sales.[4]

We are a US based Search engine optimization company working with clients in US, UK and Australia

Let me know if you would like me to mail you more details or schedule a call. We'll be pleased to serve you.

I look forward to your feedback[5]

Yours sincerely,
Business Development Manager
[1] Why did delivery take 5 days?
[2] www.comcast.net is not my website. Duh!
[3] From actually looking at my website, that's an obvious "No".
[4] I'm not selling anything.
[5] You wouldn't be looking forward to it if you knew what I'm thinking. I hate spam.
My response:
Dear Search Optimizer,

Comcast is one of the biggest ISPs in the US. www.comcast.net is obviously not my personal domain nor website. So I have to question your professional competence.

My normal scathing response to unrequested SEO solicitations is that anyone who had actually looked at any of my websites would know I'm not at all interested in search rankings. These solicitations generally don't indicate which site prompted them to contact me. Finally there's one that does say which site it wants to search-optimize – and it's not my site.

Also, I can't imagine that Comcast needs more traffic driven to their site. People who live in their service area have no trouble finding them.
Now perhaps Mike's email simply refers to the wrong URL. My sites don't rank high. (And I don't care. People who search for my specific content have no trouble finding my sites. And if they're searching for something else, they don't need to find my sites and waste their time there.) But if someone who wants to work on my website can't get the base URL right, it doesn't inspire confidence.

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